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Pre-Nursing Society at UTSA


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Anything important related to classes and such will be posted here... 

UTSA Literature and World Society and Issues Core Courses Which Meet the UTHSCSA Humanities Core Requirement

ANT 2053 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology*

ANT 2063 Language, Thought, and Culture*

ARC 1413 Architecture and Culture*

BIO 1033 Drugs and Society*

CLA 2033 Introduction to Classical Literature

CLA 2323 Classical Mythology

COM 2343 Introduction to Mass Communication*

CS 1023 Cultural Implications of the Information Society*

CSH 1103 Literary Masterpieces of Western Culture I

CSH 1113 Literary Masterpieces of Western Culture II

CSH 1203 Introduction to Hispanic Cultures*

CSH 1213 Topics in World Cultures*

CSH 2313 Introduction to Literary Studies

ENG 2013 Introduction to Literature

ENG 2213 Literary Criticism and Analysis

ENG 2383 Multiethnic Literatures of the United States

ENG 2423 Literature of Texas and the Southwest

FRN 2013 Intermediate French I*

FRN 2023 Intermediate French II*

FRN 2333 French Literature in English Translation

GER 2013 Intermediate German I*

GER 2023 Intermediate German II*

GER 2333 German Literature in English Translation

HIS 2533 Introduction to Latin American Civilization*

HIS 2543 Introduction to Islamic Civilization*

HIS 2553 Introduction to East Asian Civilization*

HIS 2573 Introduction to African Civilization*

HIS 2583 Introduction to South Asian Civilization*

HUM 2093 World Religions*

IDS 2203 World Civilization to the Fifteenth Century*

IDS 2213 World Civilization since the Fifteenth Century*

IDS 2303 World Literature I: Through the Sixteenth Century

IDS 2313 World Literature II: Since the Sixteenth Century

ITL 1014 Elementary Italian I*

ITL 2333 Italian Literature in English Translation

JPN 1014 Elementary Japanese I*

LAT 2113 Intermediate Latin I*

LAT 2123 Intermediate Latin II*

PHI 2123 Moral Issues in Contemporary America*

RUS 1014 Elementary Russian I*

RUS 2333 Russian Literature in English Translation

SPN 2003 Spanish for Elementary Education*

SPN 2013 Intermediate Spanish I*

SPN 2023 Intermediate Spanish II*

SPN 2333 Hispanic Literature in English Translation

SPN 2523 Hispanic Culture and Communication*

WGS 2013 Introduction to Women and Gender Studies*

*Currently listed under the "World Society and Issues" component of the Core Curriculum at UTSA.